S Jersey Adjustment Bureau. SJAB is a group of well skilled, professional loss assessors and public insurance adjusters. Our knowledge in the insurance industry dates to 1964. SJAB was established by Anthony DiSimone, President, CEO, and Chairman of our associated firms.

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  City Wildwood, NJ
  Zip Code 08260
  Address 142 West Rio Grande Avenue
  Phone Number (609) 729-3192

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Our companies have actively responded to assisting insured's around the United States and in Caribbean nations in the most devastating events from Hurricane Frederick in 1979 that devastated the Gold Coast of the Gulf States, Hurricane Hugo in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hurricane Andrew in Florida, fire storms in California, Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi, and Super-Storm Hurricane Sandy. We are among the top five Public Adjusting experts. Our expertise includes a special seasoned team of experts drawn from around the nation to react to the needs of our clients when immediate action is required.

When an insured suffers a property loss, the insurance policy requires the insured to comply with many "conditions" under that policy. Presenting a claim for a major property loss, to your best benefit under that policy, requires professional knowledge and exact detail so as to maximize your recover in a minimum amount of time. An insurance company and their claim representatives view a loss in perspective that will minimize their exposure and final cost. Regardless of "goodwill" and "public image", the main concern of an insurance company is the "bottom line."