Serving the Non-Profit and Social Service communities since 1986. At Baker, Romero & Associates, we currently have had the privilege of serving the insurance requirements of non-profit and social service organizations since 1986. We have a dedication to maintain a high level of excellence in all that we do and to supply our customers with comprehensive coverage and competitive premiums.

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  City Covina, CA
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Lillian is the President and Co-Founder of Baker, Romero & Associates. Since 1986, her full service commercial insurance agency focused on the unique needs of nonprofits and social service organizations. Her approach is to focus on the human side of doing business by giving individualized attention to each of her clients and providing a high standard of professional service. Her focus encompasses the operational needs of her clients. In order for her clients to receive a broader range of services she developed strong business relationships with the leading insurance carriers in California.

Insurance should be viewed as part of your risk management program. There is no single insurance policy that will address every risk within your organization. The following is a summary of some of the coverages organizations should consider consult with your attorney. Caution: Most policies will not provide coverage for independent contractors and vendors! Make sure your "staff" is properly classified and review your policies with your attorney. All Independent contractors and vendors should provide proof of the their own insurance coverages.

Most General Liability policies exclude Abuse and Molestation coverage. Various specialty programs provide Abuse & Molestation as part of the General Liability policy. Sublimit-Abuse & Molestation coverage is provided as a sublimit to the policy. Sublimit may include defense coverage only. No Exclusion under General Liability- If there is no exclusion for Abuse & Molestation, it may be considered a covered liability exposure. There is no "standard" coverage form for Abuse & Molestation coverage.