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  City Jenison, MI
  Zip Code 49428
  Address 7472 Main Strt
  Phone Number (616) 457-1320

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Creativity and innovation may not be the first words that come to mind when you think about insurance, but when it comes to finding solutions to your biggest challenges, you need to think outside the box. That's where we shine. We're not your typical agent going through the typical insurance buying process. Together we'll create solutions that provides you with the fullest protection based on your unique needs. The traditional insurance approach simply finances problems-it does very little to prevent losses to your business or keep workers from poor health or accidents.

On behalf of Ottawa Kent, I would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest. Our over 40 years of serving Western Michigan have been anchored with a constant focus on integrity and trust with all of our stakeholders. Our business philosophy is adhering to the Golden Rule of treating others as we would want to be treated. We feel life is a team sport and believe individuals and businesses must rely on each other to be successful. Therefore, it is within this framework that we serve our clients and community.

It's easy to get distracted while driving. All it takes is an incoming text message, a fussy baby, or changing the radio station and your eyes are off the road long enough to crash into the slowing vehicle in front of you. As an owner/operator of the vehicle, you may be held financially responsible for any bodily injuries caused as a result of the accident. Bodily injury liability covers your legal liability for a covered accident that involves injury to another person, up to the limit of liability you select.

Your home is both a valuable asset and the center of your life, so it's extra-important to cover every risk with homeowners insurance. Get the right policy and you'll take care of the small and large risks related to owning a house at the same time. For example, a devastating fire could result in not just the total loss of your home, but financial ruin. Without adequate home insurance you could be left with no way of raising the funds to pay off the balance of the mortgage. Of course, homeowners insurance may also protect you from more common house-related incidents like pipe leaks, burglary of personal possessions and much more.

We deploy a five-step process that combines the art of risk management with insurance to help your company reduce, monitor and mitigate risk while securing superior coverage at a comparable rate. At no cost to you, our risk advisors will identify and analyze your exposures, develop and implement strategies to reduce exposures, and monitor your risk management program as your company grows. Together we'll create a portfolio that provides you with the fullest protection based on your needs, while keeping your employees healthy, safe and productive in the workplace.