Here at Cyrus Global we know that in stressing times, what people require most is guidance. In these dispiriting times of global crisis, customers debts are increasing, and not enough viable variants are available for the average American. Our goal is to offer new decisions to help consumers resolve their amounting debt quickly and effectively.

Our unique program has unified the best firms in the debt settlement business to solve your debt faster and alleviate pressure from creditors. Our purpose is to offer you with the best information and the correct tools to make an intelligent decision tailored to your requirements. We are dedicated to evaluating your specific situation and guiding you in the right direction towards financial freedom.

Our purpose is your gladness.

We are different from the traditional debt settlement companies in the following ways:
We DO:

Offer immediate debt relief
Provide legal coverage for up to 3 legal events at no additional cost
Provide industry leading debt settlement management and customer management software
Automatically enroll our clients in our Debt Buyers Program


Charge upfront enrollment fees
Abandon our clients when they are served with a summons and need us very much
Delay in offering value to our affiliates and customers
Need to over-promise
Charge your customers more; we just make you more money!

We think right now, not years later.

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  Address 4007 W 6th St.
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Products & Services

Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement

Every angle of our method is built to benefit you. Our purpose is to help you organize and make sense of your finances, and ultimately start over with a clean slate.

We offer legal protection for our customers with the Debt Defense Shield package. It covers up to three (3) legal events. We even cover Bankruptcy as a legal event. Our pre-paid legal package uses real lawyers, who will not only answer summons and proactively initiate discovery with creditors, but will also go in court in your defense. In short, our Shield provides real legal protection for customers when they really need it.

The goal of our Debt Buyer Program is to immediately engage creditors by aggressively soliciting discounted debt buying offers. The final result will be to get the debt buyers to purchase the debts from the original creditor in order to relieve the client from debt collection calls, lower risk of legal action from the creditor, and guarantee our clients a settlement of 40 cents on a dollar. Although we cannot guarantee any third party commitments, we seek to create market activity that benefits all parties.
Statistics-based predictions state that the Debt Buying Market size should exceed $200 billion in 2010. We have more than 300 nationally known debt buyers in our rolodex. Additional debt buyers are solicited through national advertising and business development efforts.



*No Upfront Fees.
*Legal Protection. We provide legal protection at no additional rates. This alone will save the average client $2000-$5000 when a creditor initiates legal action.
*Debt Buyer Program Participation. Our goal is to have a third party deby buyer purchase the debt to help relieve the client of collection pressure and harassment from the creditor.
* Settlement Projection at 40 Cents on a Dollar. This is 10 cents below the industry average, which means lower and manageable monthly payments for our clients.


*Higher Sales Closing Rates. Our average shows that you should close 4 sales for every 3 sales from a traditional settlement company or attorney.
*Higher Customer Retention Rates. You should be able to reach a retention rate of 5 out of 6 clients as opposed to the industry average of 2 out of 3.
*50/30 Formula. For the same sales and marketing investment, you should obtain 50 clients with our program compared to 30 clients with a traditional program.


Our industry leading technology solutions provide 24/7 access and support for our customers and affiliates. Our clients are able to access their complete account information, update personal or creditor information, and send/receive debt communication from creditors or debt buyers at any time.

Through a single, straight forward web application, our affiliates are able to manage multiple tasks at all times including: receiving client leads, providing debt counseling services, create and submit contracts, check contract status after submission, submit change requests, view contract pipeline, view client payments/accounting reports, and access detailed client information/history.

*Debtor Soft is a web based debt management software platform system that brings customers, creditors, debt buyers, market facilitators, counselors, attorneys, and debt service providers together in a single and integrated platform. It integrates several software applications, such as Debtor Consult and Debtor Tracker, offering an efficient systems solution.
*Debtor Consult is a web based software application that helps our affiliates and debt counselors gather the client's debt and financial information, establish client budget, analyze the client's debt situation, recommend the best debt management program according to the situation, generate an electronic contract for the client's debt management services, and store an authenticated electronic contract copy online for the client.
*Debtor Tracker is a web based software application that tracks the client's files, creditor and debt buyer offers and counter-offers, and trust account money management with NoteWorld. It also allows the client to submit and accept creditor and debt buyer offers electronically and to generate legally binding electronic contracts.

Debt Buyers Exchange is a web-based technology platform solution for the debt buying marketplace that brings creditors, debtors, debt buyers, and market facilitators together through a rapid, open, free market environment, and efficient electronic transactions. Currently, our team is working to develop this platform to its fullest potential.

Credit Repair

Credit Repair

Wouldn't you agree that if you knew how the credit bureaus worked internally, you would be able to work magic on your credit? That is the correct formula we have put together for you. Our team will put their past knowledge of the internal workings of the credit bureaus in your favor. Get the right team on your side!

Credit repair is a boring process often times with unsatisfactory results. There are many companies that remove only some of the negative items, improving your credit score only for a short time and ultimately leaving you right where you started. Our program is different from all those phony companies out there. It is backed by a $10, 000 cash guarantee if you don't see an improvement on your credit file at the end of a 12 month period. We are that confident. However, the true secret to a successful, lasting credit repair is your knowledge of credit and participation in maintaining it after it has been repaired.

Here are some important facts and tips to know about credit:

*Derogatory information stays on your credit report for seven (7) to ten (10) years.
*Any time you pay off or settle debts, your credit score increases. However, don't assume that paying off one thing will increase your score a specific number of points.
*DON'T EVER SAY to having money to pay off or settle debt; creditors will legally come after you for that money.
*Inactive accounts do not return to your credit report once removed. Active accounts can reappear, so it is best to catch up on any late payments.
*There are three main factors that cause your credit score to change:

1. Late Payments
2. Debt - spending your available credit
3. Not enough credit history - it is good to have at least three (3) years of history

* The best way to maintain a good credit score is to keep revolving accounts in good standing, even if it means spending only $10 or $20 each month.
* Here is a break down of what makes up your credit score:

1. Payment History (35%)
2. Amount Owed or Debt (30%)
3. Length of Credit History (15%)
4. New Credit (10%)
5. Types of Credit Used (10%)

* To maximize your credit result, you should have no more than 30% of your total credit limit (NOT of each account) .
* Lenders make money off of high interest rates. Bad credit means higher interest rates, which is why it is so challenging to remove negative items from your credit report.
* You are legally allowed to do credit repair. However, a credit company will lock your file for ten (10) years if they find out that you are trying to do credit repair. Therefore, if you receive stall letters from the credit bureaus, DO NOT respond to them. NEVER admit to working with a credit repair company in any way.

Our program takes away ALL negative items on your credit report. We guarantee, backed by $10, 000 in cash, that you will see improvement within 12 months of joining our program.

Negative items we can remove include, but are not limited to:

*Bankruptcy items (excluding active chapter 13 bankruptcies)
*Records of injuction
*Declaratory judgments
*Items of garnishment
*Records of repossessions
*Records of tax lien
*Records of lien

If you would like to know more or have questions about any of our services, please fill out an inquiry form and a knowledgeable representative will contact you shortly.

Debt Help

Debt Help

Dear Affiliate What do your clients want?
Credit Card Repair

Immediate relief from their credit card and other unsecured debt. Show them they can pay it off in 2 years, not 20.
Debt Settlement

Immediate legal coverage that gives them peace of mind and legal protection throughout the debt settlement process.
Debt Relief Programs

New technology solutions that allows our customers to manage their debt settlement process at any time in a way that is proper for them.
Debt Relief Act

Fewer monthly payments and faster settlements, which mean faster relief from creditors legal threats, rebuilding of credit and more savings

It's no secret that the Debt Settlement Industry is going through many changes. Especially with the passing of a recent legislation that has put a halt to the debt settlement industry.

But, WE HAVE A SOLUTION! We are currently the ONLY firm in the US that complies with this new law. As a business that has been preparing for this change for over a year, we know the right way to stay on the winning side of the Law. Our program is like no other adding a Debt Buyers Program, Legal Protection Package and even Bankruptcy at no extra charge, we are winning over customers like bees to honey.

Our purpose is to show our customers a way out of their mounting debt through your hands.
Don't spend your hard work by allowing your company to go down the drain. Instead, take action and become an affiliate!

Contact affiliates@cyrusglobal. net to get information on how to become an affiliate.