Emery & Webb : five generations of delivering insurance to protect our customer's financial security. We are much bigger today than when we began over 123 years ago. Still a family business, but today that family embraces over 75 trained insurance specialists who serve our customers throughout the Hudson River Valley and through the whole US.

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  City Fishkill, NY
  Zip Code 12524
  Address 989 Main Str
  Phone Number (845) 896-6727

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Now a fifth generation family insurance business, we are much larger today than when we started over 128 years ago. Today our family is represented by ten offices and over 95 trained insurance professionals serving our clients throughout the Hudson River Valley in New York, upstate New York, New England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and across the entire United States. A great deal has changed since we first opened the doors in 1886. But how we treat clients has remained the same. As the agency has prospered and grown, our approach remains to listen first, then present our clients with the best options for their insurance programs.

The greatest test of an insurance advisor and partner is how they respond to claims. Our staff and our insurance company partners offer several options for help with a claim. You can report the claim directly to the company or use our experienced claims staff as a resource. We serve as an advocate for our clients, ensuring that they receive a fair and timely settlement. At Emery & Webb, we pride ourselves on our service when a claim occurs and are available 24-hours, 7-days-a-week. You will talk to an experienced team member, regardless of the time or situation.

Insurance helps keep you stable when unexpected events occur. This could be a fire in your home, a theft at your business, or an allegation of wrong. Let Emery & Webb help you find the proper insurance coverage and pricing. We are an independent agency which means we do not work for any one insurance company and can offer the right solution that fits your need. We learn about your need, educate you on the options and protect you with a solid insurance portfolio.