As a leading innovator of insurance and surety program management, our expert team is committed to working with our existing and prospective clientele to fulfill all their business and individual requirements. The divisions of JBL Trinity Group LTD. are integrated for the common aim of delivering services to all the challenges faced by our customers in today's business environment.

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At JBL Trinity Group, LTD., our goal is to protect your organization from the adverse affects of accidental losses thereby assuring your business's survivability, profitability, and growth. Our Risk Management Division performs a loss control analysis in order to identify the exposures that threaten your organization. Once these exposures are identified and analyzed, our Risk Management Division will recommend the appropriate risk control and risk financing techniques of avoidance, segregation and contractual transfer will be studied.

Homeowners insurance is a standard purchase for anyone investing in a home. Typical as this insurance may be, JBL Trinity Group understands that your home is unique and requires a carefully chosen policy that best covers your assets. Our insurance experts will make sure you get the coverage you need. Homeowners are at risk for a wide variety of unexpected financial losses, including property damage and legal responsibility for injuries sustained on the property. A comprehensive homeowners insurance policy can cover any legal fees and settlements, and help you replace, rebuild or restore your home as efficiently as possible.

No matter how much effort a business puts into creating a safe workplace for employees, accidents happen and the company is often found responsible. To protect you against legal claims made by injured workers, JBL Trinity Group will help you identify the causes of workplace injuries and illnesses, and recommend the best workers' compensation insurance to cover even your hard-to-place risks. Workers' compensation insurance (also known as workman's compensation) is required for any business with at least one employee.

At JBL Trinity Group, we are dedicated to providing the best health insurance plans for all types of clients. We offer both individual and family plans as well as commercial group coverage for employees. With today's revolutionized health care system, the experts at JBL Trinity Group are staying abreast of the latest developments that will affect your health insurance coverage both personally and financially. We are not only devoted to providing our customers with the best options for coverage, we also provide the most competitive pricing available in your area.

Any business that provides services to third parties can benefit from the protection of a professional liability insurance policy. Whether your company offers interior design services or business consulting, JBL Trinity Group can help you make sure you're covered for potential claims arising from your errors and omissions. Professional liability insurance (also known as professional indemnity insurance) protects you against injury or loss to third parties resulting from your professional services.

Valuable articles insurance provides further protection than a standard homeowners insurance policy for possessions of high monetary value. While most homeowners policies provide limited coverage for only specific types of losses, valuable articles insurance can protect your possessions anywhere in the world from theft, damage, and even accidental loss. The insurance experts at JBL Trinity Group are prepared to answer your questions and recommend the best policies for your valuable possessions.

If you're a licensed contractor, JBL Trinity Group can help you choose the best coverage for your business. Our experts will discuss the potential risks that can occur on your jobs, explain the types of coverage available, and recommend the products that will best serve you. We understand that government requirements for contractor's insurance often vary between states. We'll help make sure you can prove that you operate according to state and/or local rules and regulations. With JBL Trinity Group, you can rest assured that your contractor's insurance meets both your state's insurance requirements for any other states in which you work.

JBL Trinity Group provides a comprehensive menu of insurance and surety services to an array of high-risk industries nationwide. These industries include construction, marine contracting, stevedoring, manufacturing, warehousing, special events, roller rink, indoor entertainment centers, restaurants, and many more. As a full-service broker, we offer all lines of insurance including Property & Casualty Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Benefit Solutions, and Personal Lines Insurance including Homeowners, Automobile, Antique and Vintage, Yacht, and Personal Watercraft along with many other products to suit your specific needs.