Mars Insurance Agency has been in business since 1968 and is proud to serve insurance clients in Northern Illinois. Our mission is to service our clients for all their present and future insurance requirements. SIAA Insurance Choices is the 1st and only independent agency direct consumer response initiative providing consumers the right choice of insurance, and giving them unsurpassed coverage at a reasonable price.

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From the first car to the first home, a new business or a new addition to the family, Mars Insurance Agency has been the company Illinois has trusted since 1968. That's a half-century of providing service with integrity to both residential and business clients in need of solid insurance protection. With an outstanding team of dedicated professionals, a network of top-rated insurance carriers and the technology necessary to bring them together efficiently and effectively, Mars Insurance Agency works for you.

Mars Insurance Agency was originally established back in 1968 with a very specific purpose in mind: to meet the needs of our valued insurance customers. Our clients enjoyed the personal attention and professional service we provided, and it didn't take long before they started asking if we could handle all of their insurance needs. That was the beginning of who we are today: a full service independent insurance agency dedicated to becoming the one and only agent our client's will ever need. When we first started serving customers, we used large books full of information to provide rates.

Business owners have insurance that covers the liability risks they face as a result of providing a service or product. They carry insurance that protects their employees from injury at work, as well as coverage for many other risks. Commercial property insurance covers the actual physical property that allows you to conduct business. Often purchased as part of a Business Owners Policy (BOP), Commercial Property Insurance covers the freestanding commercial building you own, your office furniture, office machinery and much more.

A responsible individual would never drive without vehicle insurance, even if it weren't a legal requirement. Illinois does require you to carry automobile insurance to protect you and other drivers from the financial hardships caused by property damage and personal injuries often occurring during an accident. The same auto insurance needs apply for business owners who maintain and use vehicles for business purposes. The risks are equal to, if not greater for business owners. Even if company employees are using company vehicles for both business and personal use, purchasing a commercial vehicle policy for your business is a strategic step towards providing a solid and comprehensive risk management solution for your company.

It's historically proven that businesses are targets for lawsuits. In fact, there's something referred to as the 'deep pocket rule' among legal professionals. This common law rule of joint-and-several liability states that damages can be obtained from co-defendants based on who is capable of paying rather than who was found to be more negligent. Business owners are subjected to an inordinate amount of lawsuits as a result. Your best line of defense is General Liability Insurance. Liability insurance protects your business assets against lawsuits filed as a result of business-related activities.

It's often said that a company is only as strong as its weakest employee. Recruiting and keeping quality personnel can be a daunting task. It requires more than a basic compensation package. Today's workers are looking for the additional security of health insurance as part of their overall benefits / compensation package. A strong benefits package is often the deciding factor for potential employees. Make sure you're the company they choose with a strong group health insurance plan from Mars Insurance Agency.

Our vehicles are a source of freedom, taking us from state to state and even beyond our borders. However, in an accident, your vehicle quickly becomes a 4000-pound wrecking ball on wheels. That's why carrying auto insurance is mandatory in the state of Illinois. In fact, if you're convicted of driving without a valid insurance policy, you could face suspension of your license plates, a $500 minimum fine and a $1000 minimum fine if you're caught driving a vehicle with plates that have been suspended due to an insurance violation.

There are as many liability risks as there are businesses that face them on a daily basis. From employee negligence to customer injuries, natural disasters that cause business interruption to a simple mistake in providing a service, every business is subject to serious risks. The first step we take with every commercial client is to spend time listening. We understand that you've spent time developing a business that sets you apart from your competition. That's why listening is such a critical step for the agents of Mars Insurance towards developing a risk management plan for your business.