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As a full-service, independent insurance agency, we work with an extensive network of health, life, property/casualty and employee benefit providers to deliver cost-effective insurance solutions for every business or personal need. Over the past 150 years, we have built our business on a commitment to provide our clients with unparalleled customer service. Still today, we stake our reputation on tailoring personal and commercial insurance programs that offer the ideal combination of coverage, price and service.

Mazzeo Agency is pleased offer a number of affordable New Jersey and New York disability insurance solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Imagine that you are hurt and must take time out of work. Does your employer provide NY or NJ disability insurance? Even if they do, does it cover the length of time you may be out of work? These are things you should be considering if you need to purchase New Jersey or New York disability insurance. Your need for disability insurance may be greater than you realize, and it's not a responsibility you should simply toss aside for your employer to deal with.

Every state requires that businesses, small and large, carry workers compensation insurance, and mandates the coverage and other policy terms that apply to employers in that state. A business that fails to maintain a workers comp plan as required by law risks monetary fines or even criminal charges. By purchasing a workers compensation policy, a business not only complies with state law, it also protects itself and its employees when an accident occurs on the job. We can help you determine the form of workers compensation insurance coverage your business needs.

General Liability insurance is one of the most all-encompassing policies on the market today - and for good reason. It provides coverage for liability issues resulting from personal and advertising injury, including medical expenses. Although many Business Owner Policies (BOP) do include liability coverage, it is often not enough to cover the costs that can come along with liability issues. Accidents stemming from on-site mishaps, as well as any injuries or damages incurred as a result of using goods or services sold on-premises are addressed by general liability insurance.

Each day, every business owner or manager is faced with the risks that affect his or her business and the task of managing those risks. To build an effective risk management program, it is essential to understand thoroughly the nature, scope and magnitude of potential risks, and the actions required to mitigate them. Since 1864, we have assisted our clients in assessing the hazards and exposures affecting their businesses, and have helped them build commercial insurance programs designed to diminish or eliminate the adverse financial consequences of a loss.

At Mazzeo Agency, we believe that planning ahead is important for your peace of mind and financial prosperity. We can provide you with the insurance protection you need to be prepared for whatever the future holds. Life insurance, health insurance, long term care, and disability insurance are important pieces of the puzzle that can help you secure the financial future of you and your loved ones. Our agents will work with you to establish your goals, so we can customize a program that provides you with adequate protection at an excellent value.

Term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance, survivorship insurance - the list and combinations seem endless. Our seasoned team of life insurance professionals will fashion the right plan - or mixture of plans - for your specific needs.

Flood insurance provides protection for destruction and financial devastation caused by floods. Although it may not seem like much even a few inches of water can cause serious damage; resulting in thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs. Homeowners insurance does not cover floods. Purchasing a flood insurance policy through Mazzeo Agency can protect you. Although it may not seem as necessary as homeowners insurance, flood insurance is important if you want to keep your home safe and your possessions secure.