Why Seniors in Ohio choose us! We are independent insurance brokers for the top companies in Ohio. You choose the companies you want from names you know and trust. We provide the lowest prices available for all the senior insurance products. No internet site or "special direct to you advertisment" can ever offer any of these products at a lower rate to you...guaranteed. We really understand Medicare, Long-Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, and Annuities. We take the time to make sure YOU understand it too.

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Best of all, you can easily determine which Ohio Medigap insurance company is the perfect fit for you. Most noteworthy is Medicare's Part B deductible is now $183 per year. This is information is important to those considering Plan G. Visit http://www.whitehouseconferenceonaging.gov/ for more information. Medicare is designed to help cover the cost of rising health care. The program is very popular among seniors and helps millions of people every year. Most people do not know that Medicare does not cover all of the expenses of health care.

I made the career change to focus on Medigap insurance in 2008 and found out I get more enjoyment providing solid information to people than actually selling insurance. Unfortunately, insurance is controlled by an enormous number of regulations that are seemingly designed to protect the profit of the insurance company above the health or well being of the consumer. That is the reason I started this website. My company is a small independent brokerage I now run out of a small professional office.