About US The combined entities of Poole Professional Ltd., Wortley/Poole Professional Ltd., and Poole Professional-NY supply insurance, loss prevention and risk management solutions to the architectural, engineering, construction, environmental services, legal and accounting professions.

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For over 35 years, Poole Professional and its predecessor have served clients in the design professional realm. With over 1,400 design clients, we are adept at designing risk management programs for firms of all sizes and disciplines. We collaborate with top tier carriers, and can reach exclusive markets that non-specialized agencies cannot. We have served and actively supported the legal community since our founding in 1995. We identify every practice's risks individually, and craft an insurance program designed to reflect your unique exposures.

Learning Objectives: In this webinar, we'll examine a fantastic result for a design professional who was sued by its restaurant-client. The insured provided engineering services related to the construction of a restaurant and was sued in connection with alleged $250,000 in damages for water damage and flooding to an adjacent apartment complex. After mediation was unsuccessful, the case was litigated and the jury determined the insured had no responsibility for any damages and rendered a verdict against the insured's client for more than $1 million.

Our firm has conducted business with Poole Professional for over ten years now and every interaction we have had with them has been prompt, professional and supportive. Their customer service, continuing education and overall pricing is consistently above and beyond my expectations. We're very grateful to have them on our side. Poole Professional Ltd. has been a trusted advisor to Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. since VHB's inception in 1986. As VHB has grown over the past thirty years from a small transportation engineering firm to a 1,300 person strong integrated services firm with clients in the transportation, real estate, institutional, and energy industries, as well as federal, state, and local governments, Poole has been there every step of the way to ensure VHB's insurance program has evolved in sophistication commensurate with its growth.

A lot has changed in the realm of cyber liability in four years, so Berkley DP and Kroll have updated our program on Cyber Liability and Data Security for Design Professionals. As an architect or engineer, the data you hold on projects, plans and people has great value-and along with that comes significant potential risk to your firm. Clients, subconsultants and even contractors rely on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of that data. This program is tailored exclusively for architects and engineers, and brought to you by cyber security experts and real-world practitioners.

Change is inevitable, but scope creep is not. Scope creep happens when there is an expansion of services provided without a corresponding increase in your fees or recognition of additional risk exposure. This webinar will help you learn the triggers for scope creep and how to manage the change process to maintain your client relationships-and your firm's profitability.

When a problem situation emerges, or when a formal claim has been made ( a demand for money or services) you should report it directly to us. We will alert the insurance company's claims department, and you should be contacted by them within 24 hours. It is particularly important to put your insurance company on notice of a potential claim when you have a claims-made policy (your professional liability policy is claims-made). Many times the insurance company will be willing or able to work with you prior to an actual claim to prevent a problem circumstance from turning into an actual claim.

Shop drawings are an essential element for many projects. You should be aware of your obligations and understand your risks-long before construction begins. To learn four shop drawing questions you need to ask, read this new article by Steven R. Goldstein, Esq. Did you know that you can use the language on your Shop Drawing Stamp to protect your firm? For a sample shop drawing stamp that reinforces the purpose of your review and clarifies contractor responsibilities, take a look at the latest tool on BDP Risk.

The newest article on BDP Risk, authored by Steven R. Goldstein, Esq., of Goldstein Law, PC. examines the implications of leaving a project before completion. While it's not a decision you make lightly, sometimes you have to walk away from a project before your services are completed. According to Goldstein, memorializing-in writing-the termination of a business relationship might even be more important than the original agreement between the parties. To help protect yourself from claims and litigation in such situations, review this article for recommendations and a list of provisions to include in a settlement agreement.