Our slogan means more than words that rhyme. Each Stroud client receives a one-on-one evaluation of their insurance coverage. The Stroud agent then decides which firm finest suits the clients requirements. Although our office is in Ruidoso, we supply insurance quotes and solutions to a much bigger area. And other lines of insurance. Many of our firms offer multi-policy discounts.

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  City Ruidoso, NM
  Zip Code 88345
  Address 600 Mechem Dr
  Phone Number (575) 630-0194

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Since 2002, Stroud Insurance has focused on one simple goal: building relationships that foster trust. We understand how difficult it is to purchase something as vital as insurance protection from a faceless representative on the other end of a computer. We believe you deserve a whole lot more than an 800 number with your policy. Protecting your family and your personal possessions should never be a cause for doubt but rather a source of pride. Be proud. Insure with Stroud. There's something special in a handshake.

Relocating from the east coast in 1999, Samantha graduated from Ruidoso High School, followed by college at NMSU in Las Cruces. She pursued and obtained her insurance license soon after leaving college and joined the Stroud Insurance team in 2012 and now owns Stroud Insurance Agency. Samantha loves reading, painting and spending time with family and friends in beautiful Ruidoso. As an independent insurance agency, Stroud Insurance has developed relationships with multiple insurance companies. Unlike captive insurance companies who can only offer coverage from one insurance carrier, we offer the very best from a wide variety of nationally known and highly regarded insurance carriers, ensuring you get the best possible rates.

It's where everyone comes to at the end of the day.where plans are made and dreams begin. Whether you're sharing a meal at the kitchen table or laughing together watching your favorite show, there truly is no place like home. From single-family dwellings to multi-unit apartment complexes, Stroud Insurance offers the insurance protection you need to know you'll never be without a home should a catastrophe occur. Our agents know the various risks you face and they provide the policies that give you peace of mind.

Whether you're doing business from behind a desk, behind a cash register, behind the wheel or at home, Stroud Insurance has the coverage that protects your property, assets and employees. Businesses located in Ruidoso and Lincoln County as well as many cities throughout New Mexico trusts Stroud Insurance for solid commercial insurance solutions. Every business faces specific risks. From employee injuries to product liability, there's no possible way to foresee or prepare for every contingency. In addition, different businesses face different risks based on their individual operations.

If everyone were a perfect driver there'd be no need for auto insurance. Of course, there is no 'perfect' driver. Even the most cautious driver can find his or herself in the middle of an auto accident at any given time. And we've all seen those flashing red lights in our rear view mirror when we were in too much of a hurry behind the wheel. One too many speeding tickets or accidents can have a significant effect on your driving record. You can also find your auto policy cancelled. We know what insurance companies are best in providing competitive rates so you can get the coverage you need without facing prohibitive costs.