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Insurance for long term care coverage is an important component of financial planning to strongly consider. What medicare and traditional health coverage will not cover, long term coverage will, and with our aging population and more people living longer with chronic health disabilities, not having long term coverage in place will cause great financial harm to otherwise great retirement and estate planning. The purpose of long term care insurance is to provide monthly reimbursement for caregiving a loved one who has lost the ability to complete two out of seven activities of daily living or ADLs.

Health insurance coverage either bought by the individual or provided by an employer is coverage you should not be WITHOUT! A large claim from severe illness or accident can bankrupt a person who travels through life without this type of coverage. You don't want doctors or hospitals to attach your future earnings to pay down a fifty thousand or higher dollar amount for services rendered. Hospital costs for even a few days can be very costly, and a long term problem could run into several hundred thousand dollars.

Please keep in mind, our agency is not an immediate quoting service, therefore we ask that you invest your time so we can do a proper fact finder prior to providing you with an accurate and timely term life insurance quote or whole life insurance quote. Life insurance is the only product that will pay a huge sum of money at an unknown time. You could purchase a million dollar policy and pay the first month's premium and be tragically taken from this life and your beneficiary would receive the full million within a few days (There are some exceptions).