Welcome to Truckinsure. where we're a complete-service insurance agency designed for the trucking industry. We provide liability, cargo, and worker's compensation insurance, as well as other forms of insurance.

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  City Lafayette, IN
  Zip Code 47904
  Address 3589 Sagamore Pkway North
  Phone Number (765) 463-1878

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All things considered, you could not find a better agency to handle your truck insurance needs.

Truckinsure, Inc. founded in 1986 by Torrin Bottrell, has grown steadily for over 26 years. We currently service approximately 1,000's of trucking risks throughout Ohio by providing them the highest quality Truck Insurance and full Ohio Commercial Truck Insurance Coverage. Even though we have several fleet accounts within the agency, most of these accounts started out small and have grown in size over the years. Our smaller customers can have confidence that their business is important to us and they will be treated with the utmost respect even if they don't have 100 units on the road.