This family-owned business has been delivering professional insurance services to Southwest Virginia since 1999. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to aid lead you through the confusing insurance process. Whether you need auto, home, farm, business, life or health insurance, we're here to make sure you are covered for your specific requirements.

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Here at Wyatt Insurance Agency, you can count on us to be there for you to make insurance simple. Whether you are in need of new coverage, looking to renew, or need to file a claim, we can help you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable insurance agents are available during normal business hours, and you can also use our 24/7 Client Center. Because we're independent, our priority is you-not the insurance company. We have carefully selected the best insurance companies to represent so we can offer you a wide variety of coverage options and price points.

You might think that your landlord's insurance covers your personal possessions. However, that only covers the building itself. Renters insurance is the only way to protect your valuables, and it's much more cost-effective than you'd think. There are two parts to renters insurance. The first is property coverage for damage or loss from certain unexpected events. Be sure to check your renters insurance coverage details-there will usually be both an overall limit on the payout and a maximum amount for any one renters insurance claim.

Your home is the center of your life. It's also your biggest investment. So make sure you cover the unique risks you face with home insurance. Get the right policy that will take care of both small and large risks related to owning a home. Imagine if your house caught on fire. Not only would you lose your home, but you'd also be burdened financially and emotionally. Without adequate home insurance, you would be left with no way of raising the funds to pay off the balance of the mortgage. Of course, home insurance may also protect you from more common things like pipe leaks and property damage.

A car or truck is often your biggest asset aside from your home. Auto insurance protects against potentially crippling financial losses and the sheer inconvenience of being without transportation. Remember, not all car insurance is created equal. Some auto insurance policies simply meet legal requirements. In most states, this means your auto insurance will cover the damage you cause to other cars in collisions. However, auto insurance in some no-fault states will also cover your own car or truck.